The future of internal audit


Phil Griffiths - Internal Audit Expert, FCA & AIIA, Founder and Managing Director of Business Risk Management Ltd
Phil Griffiths is Founder and Managing Director of Business Risk Management Ltd. Phil is also A Chartered Accountant, has over 35 years experience in risk management, internal audit and fraud prevention as a practitioner, professional adviser, facilitator and trainer. Phil is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in Strategic Risk Management and Internal Audit. He has led risk management programs for more than 75 private and public sector clients tailored specifically to include facilitated workshops, development of risk strategies and assistance with implementation. Phil has published research into many aspects of internal audit and risk management best practice, including “Strategic Risk management” “The Need to Co-ordinate Assurance Providers” and “The Expectations of Chief Executives towards Internal Audit and its future”. He is an accomplished author & his latest book ‘Risk-Based Auditing’ is an international bestseller