The Evolution of HR Audit and Risk Management

Key Issues that will be Dealt with :

  • Comprehensive understanding of risk factors for HR and developing Key Risk Indicators
  • Developing HR metrics and understanding HR risk mapping
  • Preparation of risk assessment and audit strategy
  • Key tasks involved in HR audit planning and preparation
  • Key issues in HR audit reporting and how to follow up with audit findings to ensure long-term effectiveness

Benefits that will be Derived:

  • Develop in-depth understanding of HR risks and take measures to minimise risk exposure
  • Assess current HR management and employment practices to identify and diagnose systemic problems
  • Increase compliance with local laws and minimise possibility of fines or penalties
  • Evaluate and predict impact of corrective measures
  • Develop a plan of action for your HR function and determine the ROI of such actions
  • Develop HR metrics and KPIs to ensure audit compliance· Understand how to carry out a strategic HR audit for improved business success

Benefits of Attending

  • Developing techniques to collect and extract critical HR information to improve quality and effectiveness of your reporting
  • Measuring the quality of HR processes using HR metrics
  • Evaluating compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Embracing HR audit as a tool for mitigating risk facing the human resource department
  • Benchmarking the quality and efficiency of your company’s HR processes as compared with global best practices using HR Key performance indicators
  • Improving strategic alignment to ensure that HR is a true strategic partner to the organisation

Lesley Clark, the world renowned Global HR Audit expert

She has more than 25 years’ experience as a Human Capital Management, Change and Organisational Design Specialist (Includes Performance and Talent Management), supported by an Honors degree in Employee Relations. She joined into the private sector in 1994 where she functioned as a senior manager in Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management roles respectively. This provided her with solid line management and operations experience. In 2001, she joined PWC (which later became IBM Business Consulting Services.) as a Senior Human Capital Management Consultant.
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We have worked with Lesley on a few projects. She has proven herself to be very reliable, task focused and driven. She is a self starter and is very good at leading in front. She believes that the client is the important party and will deliver a product which is most suited to the client’s needs.
Lesley drives a highly active and efficient network which creates value for both the members and the clients that utilise the service. My impressions of Lesley was one of extreme professionalism. Lesley knew exactly what the client wanted and was excellent in matching the client’s needs. Regular interaction and feedback was standard practice. Surely an
excellent value-builder for your network.

Lesley seminars includes the newest trend and research on future expectations and predictions for the world of work.
Well organised, we liked the presenters and how engaging she was, the exercises forced us to concentrate and play, great tactics!

Some of the Companies in which Lesley Clark has trained