Organizational Development & Change Management

On these courses, you will:

  • Explore a proven seven-phase model for designing and implementing change
  • Learn the process and purposes for establishing a Planning and Implementation Team
  • How to select a change intervention, establish intervention goals and key performance metrics 
  • How to make organizational improvements and manage the transitions that accompany them
  • Discover the strategies for engaging internal support, generating collaboration, maintaining momentum, and influencing the organization
  • Acquire the  key methods for tracking progress, planning for the unexpected, and dealing with resistance
  • Discover the strategies and indicators for sustaining and institutionalizing change efforts
  • Evaluate your competency using the Change Leadership Competency Assessment and develop a customized individual development plan as well as a computer adaptive change simulation
  • Acquire Knowledge and Skills to Become a Change Leader
  • Learn Methods and Strategies for Implementing Change Initiatives

Here’s What Delegates Have Said About Alan’s Previous Courses

“Alan is a consultant with great experience in OD, leadership, training and development. He knows how to add value in every interaction, I have learned a lot from him through the years. Thanks Alan!”

“Alan Landers offers strategic and practical guidance from the eyes of a seasoned consultant and business owner who’s been there. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that is invaluable when starting or expanding a consulting practice.”

“Alan is a powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and value creation. We have learned a lot from him about how to take a good idea in service of consulting clients and make it a reality in lightning speed.”

“Alan Landers is a true OD expert. In one half-hour conversation with him, I gained more strategic knowledge than I could have learned in five graduate-level courses. And the best part–he shares his knowledge freely, which is a sign of a true professional in my book. It’s clear that he operates from many years of experience and lots of brainpower.”

Alan Landers
President & CEO of Landers & Marks OD Consulting, FirstStep OD & Training

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This TD at Work includes:
1) specific actions to take in each phase of the change process
2) advice for building a planning and implementation team
3) a case study on how one company changed its culture
4) a consultant–client compatibility questionnaire a worksheet for calculating how long a project will take.

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