Job Description & Job Evaluation

Meeting Business Needs and Driving Employee Performance and Organisational Effectiveness

9th, 10th & 11th March 2020
Job Evaluation and Developing Effective Grade Structures
12th March 2020
Job Analysis and Writing Effective Job Descriptions
Establishing and managing a framework for job analysis and understanding all the roles in an organisation and describing those roles through either job profiles or job descriptions is one of the critical cornerstones of any HR department, reward package and implementing a pay for performance culture are increasingly critical tools that form part of your overall HR strategy. In an increasingly competitive environment, when you want to attract and retain the best individual employees and high-performers, having an effective and fair job evaluation and grading system is crucial to underpin best-practice reward policies and deliver pay-for-performance.You will be provided with the information about the key tools for performing job analysis and developing and writing job descriptions and job profiles. This course will explore the different types of job evaluation systems that are used, both globally and in Asia, and give you a familiarisation with the concept of job evaluation and an appreciation of the most commonly used best-practice approaches.

Benefits of Attending

  • Increase your business performance and employee effectiveness by developing clear job profiles, job descriptions and key accountability statements that communicate to your employees what is expected of them.
  • Use different approaches, systems and tools for job evaluation to place jobs into the correct grades in your grading and pay structures.
  • Align your grade structures to your organisational objectives and human resources strategy.
  • Discover practical steps for implementing a job evaluation system, and developing a grading system to underpin your salary structures and remuneration policies.

Robert Mosley, the leading global Remuneration expert

His main areas of expertise and specialism are in the fields of job analysis, job descriptions, job evaluation, grading schemes, pay structures, allowances, bonuses and incentives, industrial relations and collective agreements, e-HR systems, performance management, performance appraisals, and all issues on compensation and benefits globally, especially in the GCC and Asia having worked in these regions for over 30 years.
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Very, very good course. Excellent instructor. Thank you, Robert. This course really put JE in perspective for me.Human Resources Manager, Maxis Mobile Sdn Bhd
He is really good and passionate about the subject matter. In addition, he is really well-versed in the subject and very generous with information on market trends. He did very well in explaining the JE concept.
Manager, Petronas
Robert, you’re the best. Excellent concept, approach and methodology! Very informative and well coordinated. Very practical in Malaysia.
Senior Manager, Human Resources, Siemens Malaysia
What a workshop, a great speaker with good delivery skills that make attendees understand everything crystal clear.Senior Executive, Rewards, Sime Darby Holdings

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