Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Course Methodology

As the current global pandemic shows, possibility of a crisis severely disrupting an organization’s ability to operate looms today like never before. Given the pace with which global threats evolve, incidents such as cyber sabotage, volatile weather patterns, terrorism attacks, and epidemics are increasingly likely. These events all impact the ability to continue operations and meet stakeholders’ objectives and may even threaten the very existence of the business. Being able to better recognize potential crises, effectively handle such interruptions, and return to normal operations is extremely difficult. Gaining the capacity to do this quickly and efficiently with the minimum amount of impact — to be crisis resilient — is that much harder, and the ultimate goal.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand how to become a more crisis resilient organization.
  • Ensure that BCP and the crisis management plans are regularly updated to meet the ever changing risk environment.
  • Develop BCP plans that cover all business functions.
  • Complete regular crisis management audits.

Case Studies

You will be able to examine whether your organisation’s BCP and Crisis Management Plans are updated and relevant to meet COVID-19 and other extreme risk events and test the effectiveness of your plans and critical business processes. This 3 half-day course will include the following case studies:

  • Assess and conduct a gap analysis of your current Business Continuity policies.
  • Complete regular business continuity, crisis management and emergency preparedness audits to determine whether they meet the needs of the ever-changing risk environment and your organisation’s needs
  • Implementing an effective approach for communicating to all stakeholders through each stage of a crisis
Phil Griffiths - Internal Audit Expert, FCA & AIIA, Founder and Managing Director of Business Risk Management Ltd
Phil Griffiths is Founder and Managing Director of Business Risk Management Ltd. Phil is also A Chartered Accountant, has over 35 years experience in risk management, internal audit and fraud prevention as a practitioner, professional adviser, facilitator and trainer. Phil is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in Strategic Risk Management and Internal Audit. He has led risk management programs for more than 75 private and public sector clients tailored specifically to include facilitated workshops, development of risk strategies and assistance with implementation. Phil has published research into many aspects of internal audit and risk management best practice, including “Strategic Risk management” “The Need to Co-ordinate Assurance Providers” and “The Expectations of Chief Executives towards Internal Audit and its future”. He is an accomplished author & his latest book ‘Risk-Based Auditing’ is an international bestseller.


I find the workshop to be very beneficial to me. I will most definitely impart my knowledge to my colleagues. We can now hopefully cut down our time drafting reports. Prasarana Berhad
Phil is one of the most effective presenters I have seen. He maintained interest throughout and his presentation style was excellent.
Good workshop! I have gained a lot!
Bank Negara Malaysia
Phil covered the topic thoroughly. The course was pitched at just the right level. It should be mandatory for all auditors.SHELL

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